Gypsy Stitched

A gallery of my some of my makes from the days blogging on The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles.

October 2013 

Headache inducing Vogue 1182

September 2013 

Plaid Simplicity
Colette ChanTEALly

July 2013 

Self-drafted pencil skirt for work (blogged in August)
Self Drafted faux fur cape
Butterick's The Secret Pink Panther (blogged in September

 June 2013

The 'Vogue Feeling' dress (blogged in August)

 April 2013

Lutterloh's 'The Blue Dahlia' Dress

January 2013

'The Zebra's New Look' dress
A New Look for work
Lutterloh in Purple and Sage

December 2012 

1960's Simplicity sundress (blogged in January 2013)
Butterick does Poinsettias (blogged in January 2013)
Self-drafted 'Poppy Days' Dress

November 2012

Butterick in the 60's (first seen in December, full write up in January 2013)

October 2012

Lutterloh's The 'Fields of Green' dress

September 2012

Self-drafted cord pants
Half Circle skirt with scalloped seam

August 2012

Breezy Spring Blazer (Blogged in September).

July 2012

Frankenpatterned My go-to weekend dress

June 2012

A self-drafted sack

April 2012

Self-drafted houndstooth skirt - my first ever UFO

Self-drafted semi-circle skirt

January 2012

Self-drafted 'Summer Picnic Dress'

December 2011

Nettevivante's Scallop skirt - my take

October 2011

Self-drafted 'Demon Dress'

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